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Brunette with cheeky glance, fascinating face and all natural body Sasha Grey opens the doors in the world of passionate sex in the free HD films.

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A little information about this girl

Name: Sasha Grey, Sasha Gray
Date of Birth: 14.03.1988
Country: USA, CA, Sacramento, CA
When beginning to appear: 18 years
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Figure: 32B-26-31
Chest: Natural
Piercings: Navel

Biography Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey (real name Marina Ann actress Hentsis) (March 14, 1988, in Sacramento, USA) - Famous American pornographic actress, model, activist, music and cinema.

Real name of porn actress Sasha Grey - Marina Ann Hentsis. It was released in Sacramento March 14, 1988. She spent her childhood in California. Marina's father was an ordinary mechanic. At the age of five years old, her parents decided to divorce. Future date porn model continued to live with his mother. In 2000, his mother remarried. Marina relations with her stepfather went wrong from the start. Already in the 16 years she has taken a firm decision to leave home. According to one version, the girl ran away from his mother and stepfather, on the other - the mother herself let her go. Sasha later admitted in an interview that since childhood would not obey the orders of a parent, deliberately bloody-minded.

In late 2005, she became a student at the college. Parallel been to a theater courses at the same time and worked in a diner. After some time, she managed to save enough money to go to Los Angeles. In the spring of 2006 Gray came to town. Even with this girl for sure decided to devote his life to a career porn star. Entrepreneur Mark Spigler said aspiring actress on the Internet. In the future, it was he who began to represent Gray in the porn industry. Initially, she positioned herself under the pseudonym of Anna Karina. This is the name of the actress took of French cinema, but her agent forced to change a pseudonym. She chose the first part of the alias after the famous Sasha Konietzko. The second part of it was taken from the work of the biologist Alfred Kinsey, who has studied the levels of human sexuality with shades of gray. Thus was born the nickname Sasha Grey and together they began to shine porn star great beauty.

Yet there is one version of the appearance of an alias porn actress, the second half of the name came from the novel by Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray." Sasha chose this name because the main character works the same way as she did, to seek pleasure. Gray, from the point of view of Sasha, symbolized a certain mystique spheres fun curtain distance.

Soon, because of health problems is one of the protege Spigler was forced to abandon its role in "The Fashionistas-2" - a film directed by John Stagliano. In its place, without hesitation called Sasha Grey. One of the first scenes of the aspiring actress was an orgy with Rocco Siffredi. From shooting the girl experienced a sincere sexual pleasure. Despite the fact that the order of men she remembered vaguely, his first role in future interviews consistently responded positively. According to her, acting was fun, hard and fast. She described the experience as wonderful when everything is under control, but the thoughts soar far away. Rocco admitted that he was surprised by the request of porn actress "for thrills" hit her in the stomach. Sasha Grey made it clear that she give pleasure light spanking during filming, punches and pulling hair. Sasha also argued that took pleasure in the truest sense of the word, that is, in 75% of cases it demonstrated real orgasm. Six months actress was enough to make themselves known and make gossip as a promising young star of the porn industry. Films for adults earned her second honor of Jenna Jameson.

One year later, the young actress was showered with awards. She received the Best Group Scene Award and Best Three Way Sex Scene at the AVN, ie Adult Movie Awards. Penthouse magazine in 2007 named Sasha Grey's Pet of the Month ("Pussy month"). The girl was hit by a first-class photo session, which was held by Terry Richardson. A year Sasha won Female Performer of the Year by AVN. In the same 2008, she became the owner of awards Best Oral Sex Scene.

Sasha does not understand people who think its a victim of his profession. She insists that deals with porn voluntarily. The star also said that she did not, like many in porn industry, drug addicts. From her work, she gets the maximum pleasure and enjoys the prospects opened for her cinema for adults.

In the winter 2007 Sasha Grey has become a party to a show called The Tyra Banks Show. The theme of his touches adolescent participation in Porn. This show was expecting failure. Critics have spoken negatively about the drama in the vein which was described porn star Sasha Grey. In the edited version of the show has changed the direction of conversation that leads away from the issue of choosing a profession porn man. In 2008, Rolling Stone magazine published a list of Hot Issue, which was allocated the status of Sasha Grey Hot Porn star.

Gray talent recognized and valued Sasha Tera Patrick. In 2007, it was she who made the young star invited to take part in the filming of "Broken". Feed prepared on the studio Patrick Teravision. It was directed by Dave Navarro, renowned guitarist. At the studio Digital Playground preparing another project called "Pirates II". He became the most expensive film ever Porn. From now on, Sasha Grey is working under the auspices of the agency's own LA Factory Girls.

The actress managed to prove himself in the modeling industry, music industry. For a time, she worked with The Smashing Pumpkins, took part in the filming of the video "Superchrist" on the same song from the album, Zeitgeist. Gray also starred in the movie The Roots "Birthday Girl". In the spring of 2008, James Jean, the famous illustrator, volunteered to paint a portrait of pornodivy. When you create a line of clothing designer Max Manoukian Azrii from France, it was decided to invite Sasha Grey to the role model. She also participated in the shows of Italian shoes Forfex, American Apparel. In the edition of Vice there was a section of anti-fashion, Richard Kern, where she worked as a model Sasha Grey. At a reprint of Terry Richardson Teshene Terryworld also appeared her beautiful body. With Richardson combined its closest working relationship: Sasha has become a model for his work Wheels, Wives, Weapons. There was also a model in the edition of Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey.

In winter 2010 model Sasha Grey became involved in PETA advertising campaign. Were created posters with the image of porn star who called for the sterilization of pets.

Porn star can boast an acting career. In a burlesque show called "Porn for the whole family" with James Gang appeared cameo porn star. Back in 2009, she starred in the film "Blood assembly" - low-budget film with black humor. Tape the company released Zed Filmworks. The basis of the story the story of a crazy director, overcome fixed ideas about the ideal cinematic masterpiece. Throughout the film, he seeks to take the best horror film, which kills people and uses on the set of real human organs and blood. Gray played the role of the reporter, which led the director to clean water. In summer 2009, the film was shown at the festival in Montreal Fantasia Festival.

In spring 2010, Sasha Grey participated in the shooting of another horror film titled Hallows. Tape became director Richard O'Sullivan. When they started shooting the seventh season of "Beauties", Gray was invited to play herself. In the series, she was cast in the role of a new passion Vince Chase. Doug Ellin, creator of the series, commented on this choice: first, its influence has had a history of a romance with actor Charlie Sheen Sasha Ginger Lynn, secondly, the part of Sasha Grey in "The Girlfriend Experience."

The film is directed by Steven Sodberga "Girlfriend" was a breakthrough in her career. Gray played the role of Chelsea - the young prostitutes for the wealthy. The director claimed that his choice fell on Gray after reading the notes in the publication of Los Angeles. Before filming began Sodberg insisted that the actress looked the picture "Pierrot le fou" and "Live your life." Sasha Grey has always had an interest in independent cinema masters such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, William Klein, David Gordon Green, Harmony Korine, Agnes Varda.

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